Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The runner-ups...

With the ad rankings behind us now, it is time to focus on those print and electronic ads and billboards, which could not make it to our coveted rankings, nevertheless, they’ve created quite a stir among the ad-frat and consumers alike. Most debated, most discussed, appreciated or blasted, whatever they may be , we bring them all to you. Check out the hottest spots for this fortnight and decide for yourself...

CATEGORY : Billboard
BRAND : Dove
BODYCOPY : Beautiful

4Ps TAKE : One Billboard - Dovelook at this billboard ad and your eyes would remain glued to it for quite sometime. An array of pretty dames, with vast and varied hairstyles that catch the eye. The visual is not only a treat atop a sprawling billboard on busy city roads, but especially for women folks, the aspirational reward to the prospect could not get better. The enticement: the prospect of making their crowning glory as good as those depicted on the billboard. The aim is fulfilled – compelling the target audience to visit their nearest Dove Haircare zone. The communication is straight-forward, stressing on the word ‘beautiful.’ The USP – building trust by stating that every woman can have beautiful hair as long as it is damage free. Visually arresting, painstaking craftsmanship (at least with the varied hairstyles) & you have a clincher from Dove!

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