Tuesday, June 24, 2008


None could’ve imagined that someday a company would cater to fairness desire of men... except HUL

When FAIR & LOVELY - F&L has transformed into a more complete brand today!a brand, over a period of time, insuates convincingly into the lifestyles of its target folks, a silent and strong trust is generated, as the beautiful ‘Fair & Lovely’ brand has in India. With the ‘fairness cream’ segment accounting for 50% of domestic market in skin cream category, and with F&L accounting for 60-70% of the $200 million market, it’s not surprising that F&L remains the blue-eyed boy in HUL’s portfolio with its competitors good distance away. And to add to its stupendous performance over the past year, it also drew attention from the male counterparts by launching the F&L ‘Menz Active’ in 2006 as an answer to Emami’s launch of a men’s fairness cream. And it worked! For today, F&L has become a more ‘complete’ brand and during 2006, was the second-fasted growing in HUL’s portfolio of 63 brands. Its advertisements too have been appealing as K.V. Sridhar from Leo Burnett feels, “The brand is fantastic and its advertising has been consistently re-invented and is in-tune with today’s reality” – enough to justify its rise by 11 spots to No.62!

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IIPM Editorial, 2008

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