Friday, June 27, 2008

New look for CNN-IBN

From August 8, CNN-IBN’s onscreen look will change with a new and improved design for its news tickers and Astons (the top-most section displaying information on the current story). The overall pace of the animation has been designed to keep the screen buzzing with information. While the previous lay-out has been drastically revamped, the new addition is a vertical navigator box on the right-hand side that will display the latest weather information, cricket scores, time and date, information on the current, upcoming shows and advertising messages. More importantly, the navigation box allows for display of video clips, such as sneak previews of upcoming programmes. States Sanjay Dua, National Sales Head, CNN-IBN & IBN 7, “The navigation box will provide excellent visibility for those choosing to advertise with us as well as weather, stock and programming information for the viewers with enhanced readability of the advertising messages.” Another feature of the new on-screen display is the use of different colours to denote the genre of the news story being aired. This will allow viewers to distinguish between the nature of the various news bulletins being shown all day long.

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IIPM Editorial, 2008

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