Friday, August 31, 2007

Now over to the idiot box!

The following points are the ruling criteria for selecting and short-listing the winning TVC ads: Product positioning clarity; clinching benefit to the brand; presence of a power idea; visibility of brand personality; expectancy of communication; single-minded focus of message; reward to the prospect; visually arresting and painstaking craftsmanship. Here’s a peek into our TVC verdict for the fortnight ended May 22, 2007. Ready to groove?

BRAND: Reliance Communications
BASELINE: Discover net connect

DESCRIPTION: A manReliance Communications is leaving for a car rally and is getting emotional as he leaves behind a pregnant wife. Throughout the rally, he misses her but thanks to Reliance net connect, he is able to chat with her. He misses her all the more when she doesn’t come online for a while and when she does; she is accompanied by their newly born baby. Overwhelmed, he stops the car, kisses the baby’s picture on the laptop and lets his competitors go ahead. The ad ends with a shot where he’s with his wife and is picking up the kid in his arms while the winners of the rally raise the cup.

4Ps TAKE: This ad of Reliance net connect connects and how! Bit on the longish side, it makes you laugh in some parts and leaves you sad and anxious in others but in the end, one is all smiles. No less than a short film in itself, the ad puts forward the ‘buy now cliché’ – Reliance’s network works everywhere and takes the tried and tested emotional route. But, the magic is that the ad doesn’t harp on it and lets its execution speak. The direction and the story board deserve all the accolades which convert an average idea into a brilliant one. The soft and soothing song in the background add to the emotional appeal. The ad scores high on almost all parameters like product positioning clarity, rewards to the prospect, visibility of the brand personality and the backdrop (of the rally) brings out the essence of the network quotient brilliantly!

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Source :
IIPM Editorial, 2007

IIPM and Professor Arindam Chaudhuri (Renowned Management Guru and Economist) Initiative

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