Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dance with the wolves in the woods!


NGOs need to take the battle directly into the corridors of power

TheyNGOs need to take the battle directly into the corridors of power fight for a clean, green & just India. They act as pressure groups, directing a large part of their ire against the government for its complicity in violating the environment and letting the MNCs exploit India’s natural heritage. The green activists claim to be apolitical but their agenda falls into the category of ‘new Left ’. And this new Left is nothing but a civil society movement, which raises all issues with political connotations but refuses to join the mainstream politics. Social activist & Ramon Magsaysay award winner, Rajendra Singh told B&E, “They can be vehicle for social & political change but not a facilitator. The NGOs as such should refrain from participating in the elections, but those in the vanguard of mass movements must not shy away from joining the political process.” However, Dr. Sunilam (former MLA, Multai, Madhya Pradesh) is an exception. He has enhanced the power of civil society by dovetailing mass movement with active politics. Sharing his experience as a social activist & politician, Dr. Sunilam told B&E, “When I became an MLA, my voice was heard more intently by the CM, as well as it got wider coverage in the media too. Th is helped in more prompt action being taken on the issues brought forth by me.” He added that “as a first step, NGOs should encourage Lok Umeedwaar (public candidate) to stand for elections across the country.”

NGO leaders need to give a serious thought if they really want to be taken seriously and want things to change. They will have to dispel all fears and believe in the power of the people whom they represent rather than relying on celebrities to espouse their cause.

B&E edit bureau: Anil Pandey

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IIPM Editorial, 2007

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