Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Left consolidation and fall of the Empire in Latin America

In less than a month, the left forces in Latin America have had two reasons to celebrate. First, the victory of Rafael Corea in the Ecuadorian Presidential elections, followed by Hugo Chavéz getting re-elected with a thumping margin. The twin events have further consolidated the primacy of Left in Latin American politics. Ever since his virtual re-birth after the failed CIA sponsored coup in September 2002, Chavéz has been in the vanguard of a 'red revolution' sweeping the continent. He has been the most vocal critique of what is commonly known in the communist parlance as 'American Imperialism'.

It is true that Fidel Castro is still the only surviving Communist President in the region, but Chavéz's advocacy of Socialism has earned him friends not only in Latin America but also in far-flung regions like Iran and Middle East. On the eve of his victory in Presidential elections, Chavéz proudly described it as a victory of 'humanity' and 'love'. "It is the beginning of a new era," he declared from the balcony of his presidential palace, as large crowd of supporters cheered him.

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IIPM Editorial, 2006

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