Monday, January 22, 2007

IIPM :- Younger generation is not finding Nokia attractive


Pride comes before a downfall may be a cliché flogged to death by writers starved of words. Yet, the marketplace is littered with once formidable and invincible brands that forget the basic rule of survival: Don’t take the customer for granted and don’t become complacent. Dalda, Colgate, BPL, Gwalior Suiting, HMT and Bata are just few brands that were once invincible and are now dead or vulnerable.

In the pantheon of brands that dominate the Indian marketplace, Nokia undoubtedly looks totally invincible with a market share that rivals would die for. But hang on! Go to a Nokia service centre and

you suddenly find hordes of angry consumers with a series of complaints against Nokia’s hi-end multimedia handsets (including the much hyped N-series and E-series) that seem to hang, freeze, gas or simply switch-off just when your boss or girl/boy friend makes that call! “I (and my whole group) have got rid of my Nokia phone because at any given moment it just used to hang on me and go kaput,” complains Prashant Garg, a young executive at a leading MNC. His friend Akhil agrees. “For me, Nokia has lost the Mr. Dependable tag. You just cannot trust a Nokia phone anymore!” And the word is spreading. According to the IDC India Mobile Handset Usage Satisfaction Study 2006, Nokia is no more the most preferred brand. Instead, it trails far behind Sony Ericsson, the brand which stands tall grabbing the No. 1 spot in the handset user’s overall satisfaction.

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IIPM Editorial, 2006

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