Saturday, September 02, 2006

Asian Paints

It tells a funny tale, adds drama and dust to the story board and emerges as an ace communication...
If ever there was a brand that has remained etched in the memory of the Indian consumer, it is Asian Paints. For years, Gattu (the animated little kid designed by the famous cartoonist R. K. Laxman) hogged the limelight and was the face of the brand, until replaced by the raunchy Sunil Babu in 2002, which again proved to be an instant hit with the patrons. Badhia Hai!

This year, Asian Paints launched a campaign with a fresh character. Popularly referred to as the Chhote Nawab campaign (No... not Saif Ali Khan, though he also endorses the brand!). The commercial opens with a group of villagers on the lookout for something to happen. An announcement from a trumpet booms, “Toh pesh hai Chhote Nawab ka saalana bahaduri kartab. Aan do Bhai!” The next shot shows the release of a group of horses as they dash in full speed toward a man in a riding suit aka Chhote Nawab. As the horses rush closer, the otherwise strong Chhote Nawab begins losing his cool. But the horses race past him, leaving behind a squall of dust on Chhote Nawab, the villagers and everything else.
Suddenly, a villager, in the midst of the shocked coterie, notices that while the rest of them are shrouded in dust, a big bungalow behind the action area is still appearing freshly-painted despite the dust haze. The gathering begins to run toward the bungalow in excitement. He raises his hands disbelievingly to acknowledge the applause, believing the villagers to be impressed by his brave feat. To his dismay (and amusement of the audiences), the crowd continues to run (towards a house), while one of them voices incredulity, “Bangla toh abhi bhi chamak riya hai Tau!” While the audiences have their laugh, the voiceover in the next scene booms, “Haan toh bhai, bahari diwaron par dhool ko tikne na de. Naya Apex Ultima. Ab Chhote Nawab ke liye kuch taaliyan!” Abhijit Awasthi, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, reflects, “I’ve been working on Asian Paints for a long time now. So I’m completely familiar with the tone and manner in which we give out our messages.”

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