Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Viva La Vino!

At Rome’s Etruscan Museum, under a sarcophagus one comes across an utterance ‘CAERE’ suggesting a nearby town, known to current breeds as Cerveteri. One of Italy’s great Etruscan cities, Cerveteri props the bizarre tag of “City of the Dead” owing to the existence of the Etruscan civilisation surviving in the Necropolis of Cerveteri – Etruscan tombs on the outskirts of this tiny hamlet. Regardless of it, rural folks come alive in the annual gala of Sagra dell’Uva del Vino or Festival of the Grape and the Wine (August 27). It’s a gathering where people pay homage to the region’s two most important agricultural products – grapes and their definitive consequence – savory wines! Costumed processions of historical fl oats and various equestrian competitions throng the milieu, including races and acrobatic displays along with the Frachetto d’Oro – a farming produce contest – and an air where the smell of the finest cabernets lingers long after it has been quaff ed. Not so dead, after all!

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