Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kim Kardashian is an Entrepreneur, Actress, Model, Socialite

IIPM BBA MBA Institute: Student Notice Board

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian: People’s rage, Kim’s delight?

Ask who’s most popular these days for taking her clothes off and the first name that strikes one is Kim Kardashian. But it seems like Kim isn’t satisfied enough with her popularity because now she’s gone and attended a basketball game in an outfit with a fur sleeve, which has left several people enraged, especially considering that her sister Khloe has advertised with PETA saying that she would rather go naked than wear fur! These days Kim is working with Terius Nash on a music album and this act could perhaps be a trick to just stay in the news before the album releases. Well, for fame, you gotta find the right reasons too girl!

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian: Sit-up, it's Kim!

Kim Kardashian is nowadays working on her curves, and claims that her tummy is her best feature. Working hard day in and day out, she doesn't only jog a few miles daily, but also does a strenuous workout, which includes 200 sit-ups daily to maintain those washboard abs. Although she dislikes her thighs (no matter what her fans say!) she says she'll learn to like them soon if she can't get them in the desired tone. A certain men's magazine recently released her 3-year-old never-before-seen nude pictures, which enraged Kim, but then again her fans have only raised expectations now! It's a good idea to keep that adrenalin pumping Kim!

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian: The joker's back

Kim Kardashian has a rather stubborn stalker. Even after she got a restraining order against Dennis Shaun Bowman, which prohibits him from contacting Kim till 2013, he isn't ready to back off. While earlier he would turn up at Kardashian's personal appearances, at times with his face painted like Joker from "Batman", now he is contacting her sister and beau through Twitter! Still a violation of court's orders, the nervous reality-star has reportedly headed straight to the cops. Looks like this bird isn't going to rest till she sees Dennis as a jail-bird!

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