Friday, May 27, 2011

Indian and Chinese Universities are not at par with the world's best

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China and India have made the most aggressive investment in education in Asia based on their rapid economic development, but mainland Chinese and Indian universities are mostly among the also-rans in the Asian University Rankings. This year, 40 Chinese and 11 Indian universities made it into the top 200 in the Chosun Ilbo-Quaquarelli Symonds Asian rankings.

But considering the size of these countries and the scale of their investment in higher education, they are a long way behind Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, which had 7, 57 and 35 universities in the top 200. While Korean, Hong Kong, and Singaporean universities in the higher ranking have consistently moved upwards in the last several years, Chinese universities either stagnated or slipped, and there are no Chinese or Indian universities in the top 10.

One reason can be found in the quality of research, where Chinese and Indian universities tend to have lower output. Two Indian universities landed in the top 10 in the papers-per-faculty category, but none placed in the top 50 in the citations-per-faculty, which measures the quality of publications.

And while 10 Chinese universities were in the top 50 in terms of papers-per-faculty, only one -- Northeast Normal University at 46th -- made it to the top 50 in citations.

Another reason is the brain drain the two countries suffer. While great many talents leave for universities overseas, the influx of talents is far smaller. In fact, only one Indian university made it to the top 100 in the international-faculty criterion, which is an index for the degree of globalization of the universities. Just three Indian universities placed in the top 100 in the category of international students.

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