Thursday, May 19, 2011

Indian Actress Sonam Kapoor: Latest News

Sonam Kapoor IIPM Marches Ahead in B-School Rankings...

Sonam Kapoor: Who makes Sonam blush?

Sonam Kapoor has been the talk of the town after the release of her chick-flick 'Aisha'. She has also topped a list of hotties by a popular men's magazine. The stylish beauty, who made a guest appearance in a reality show recently, was seen blushing the entire time, because of Shaan's presence! The actress revealed that she had a big crush on the versatile singer and considered herself lucky to judge the event with him. The cast and crew of the show say that Sonam was at her best behaviour during the shoot!

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor: No papa bear here!

It's not just a fter the success of the film 'Aisha' that Sonam Kapoor has been noticed for her airs and attitude. In a recent interview, the stylish actress remarked that she likes it when people call her 'hot' and 'sexy', which make her put in extra efforts on her looks and wardrobe. Sources say that papa Anil Kapoor tries to keep his daughter grounded and does not believe in pampering her. On the sets of 'Aisha', Sonam was given the same treatment as her co-stars, and was denied any extra comforts despite the film being a home production. Well, Mr Kapoor can't be blamed for not trying to do his bit!

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