Thursday, July 03, 2008

Arun Sarin (Vodafone)


The name Ashok Ganguly might not seem quite familiar to those dabbling in the contemporary world of management. But this 71 year old Indian, profiled by Business Week, Forbes, and various of the world’s most respected business magazines, was perhaps one of the first of the ethnic camp to prove the Indian CEO’s mettle across continents and geographies. After spearheading HLL in India as Chairman during the 80s, he was one of the first Indians to bepromoted to the global Unilever board as one of the Directors in 1990. The western world recognized his competence faster than India did, with British Airways corecruiting him as a Board Director. It’s perhaps not at all surprising thatthe Microsoft of today uses Ashok Ganguly’s leadership case studies, videos and interviews to sharpen the skills of their top management. Think about it again honestly, did you ever hear of this man, who currently is the Chairman of First source and the Director of our very own Reserve Bank of India? That’s the story of Ashok Ganguly, who is of course, an Indian!

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