Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ford Fusion - Practicality v/s Frugality

BRAND: Ford Fusion
HEADLINE: Practicality v/s Frugality
BASELINE : The No-Nonsense Car

4Ps TAKE : Talk Ford Fusion - Practicality v/s Frugalityabout attributing brand values to a product and this Ford Fusion ad definitely takes the driver’s seat! The power idea is to promote the diesel-run Fusion TDCi from the garage of Ford. The communication is bang on: the body copy, first, describes the USP – the fuel efficiency plus the economies of running a diesel variant; then, it talks about the plush product features (plush interiors, comfort factor et al). The visual is appealing with the boxing gloves representing the fight on the roads, and Ford Fusion emerging as a clear winner. The rewards to the prospect? The 1.4 litre Duratorq TDCi engine (that delivers a responsive performance), unbelievable fuel efficiency and, of course, the car’s sheer sophistication! The ad also seeks to establish a consumer connect by asking readers to go for a test drive. Finally, the message is driven home with aplomb, thanks to the comparison between practicality and frugality. The body of the Fusion is tough, therefore practical. The fuel-efficient drive is frugal. Quite a double whammy that!

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