Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All about car security

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Scared that your car may be flicked? With the number of cars increasing by leaps and bounds, the number of auto thefts is increasing too – and everyone lives in fear. You get gadgets like gear locks, but how safe are they anyway? Now, to enable you to get some sound sleep, Ford India has decided to take a smart step by installing security product Micro VBB in Ford Ikon. The owner of this technology, Micro Technologies, has been authorised to appoint existing Ford dealers as its sales outlets. So what exactly is Micro VBB? According to the company website, “Micro VBB is a messaging & antitheft security system with various sensors installed in vehicle, this intelligent box senses events such as smoke identification, emergency alert switch, telematics, intrusion detection of vehicle doors and immediately intimates these events to vehicle owner’s mobile, telephone or through e-mail.” Through this technology, it is possible to provide super security to your vehicle that enables the user to detect any access to his vehicle by any one through a SMS on his mobile through this super security system. The user can at once send “Locking”, “Immobilisation” instruction to the system and he could thus prevent any unauthorised access. Let’s hope all car manufacturers in India follow suit!

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