Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The newly opened Barcelona Biomedical Research Park attracts top researchers from around the world


One group at the center recently developed a method for studying the genome of a pathogenic salmonella strain (previously only a nonpathogenic strain had been studied) in order to better understand its virulence. Another company on-site is working on a landmine detection system based on the ability of certain bacteria to eat explosive compounds. These bacteria have been manipulated to glow at night if they are “happy,” as Naranjo explains—“and they’re happy when they’re eating this compound.”

Though the salaries of researchers are paid by the Spanish government, the research itself is funded by grants from around the world. The center recently won a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for its work as part of a consortium developing an HIV vaccine.

This type of work is representative of much of the top biomedical and biotechnology research going on around the country. Spain has a strong background in research: the country has historically produced a significant percentage of the papers published in scientific journals from European research centers.

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