Friday, May 25, 2007

Born to be Fat?!


FTO= Love handles

Just as you don’t call a blind man blind, and a black man black, you never tell a fat man he’s fat. But worse is when you tell him he’ll take it to his grave – the fat that is! There’s no escaping fat if you’ve got the ‘fat gene’! At least that’s what a research has to say about folks who have to deal with one tyre too many! Stumbling upon the gene, a group of scientists from Peninsula Medical School in Exeter and Oxford University, examined DNA samples of over 38,500 people from across the UK and Finland that showed a stark link between a particular variation of a gene called FTO and obesity.

That however, is only half the story! That people with two copies of the gene are 70% more likely to be obese than someone who has none is the other bad news. And as though it wasn’t bad enough already, such people are also on an average 3 kg heavier! There are fears, and valid ones too that the culprit gene will be used as a convenient excuse by obese people instead of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a regular exercise regimen and eating in moderation. Says Dr. Neeru Gera, Consultant Endocrinologist, Max Healthcare, “All these researches, I think, have a very negative psychological impact on any individual because it makes the person lose all motivation to remain fit.” Besides, we all know how greatly obesity can increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetesand the possible link with cancer. Well it sure looks like size does matter after all!!

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