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However, on the contrary, Jagdeep Kapoor, CMD, Samsika Marketing Consultants avers, “Youth is the most attractive target segment for any business today for the simple reason that India is a young country and I see no point in Red FM not extending the recent repositioning exercise beyond Delhi. In fact, in the case of a radio channel, it will not only appeal to the youth but also to people who want remain young at heart forever.”

Moreover, the promotions have so far been limited to on-air promotions and the company hasn’t gone off-air to promote the refreshed positioning. Though, experts claim that the on-air attempts have been more than welcomed by the target consumer, the moot question is – Will the move really make a big difference for a radio broadcaster? Will these efforts fetch the desired results for Red FM?

If the words of Singh are to be believed, “The response has been great so far, listeners are appreciating our revamped playlist and all the innovations we have done so far. In fact, a 50-year-old man recently called us to say that he feels 20 years younger when he now tunes in the new Red FM.” No doubt, Red FM’s tagline ‘Bajaate Raho’ has been an instant hit nationwide and the company, which has always focused on the youth, is once again pressing the right touch points to make it to the big three in the Indian radio industry. Even the recent listenership rating released by Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) shows that there have been a significant increase in Red FM’s listenership after they changed their positioning (see table).

Further, it’s not just the promotion, Red FM has all guns blazing in order to make it to the big league. In fact, the channel has recently launched two new shows – Kabir ka Double Bed and a new comedy programme Shanky and Panky in which two college drop outs share their take on Delhi – only to further strengthen (also showcase) its commitment.

The way the repositioning was done in the middle of the festive season (which is considered to be one of the busiest seasons for all the radio stations across the country), experts claim that the channel may have got the maximum benefit as the advertisers were also looking to tap the youth during the season. Even as per the industry estimates, apart from many new advertisers coming under the radio umbrella, the regular advertisers had increased their ad-spends by around 10-30% during the festive season.

No doubt, the efforts of Red FM have been appreciated by the advertisers as well as the listeners, but the fact that the channel is not moving beyond the national capital with its new positioning may set a hurdle for it in the long-run. In fact, with 2010 being considered as a crucial one for the radio industry (as experts are expecting the third phase of expansion for the radio industry and are estimating a mind-boggling 700 additional frequencies for private FM players to be added and introduction of FM stations in 90 new cities in the country) Red FM clearly has a lot of work on its plate before the competition gets intense.

But, for now, the repositioning has surely helped this ‘aaj ke zamane ka channel’ to create a unique set of consumers in Delhi. And if the company is able to get some more creative ideas right in the region, the channel surely stands a clear chance to make it to the ‘Big Three’.

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