Monday, May 03, 2010


Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat

Late last year, ad man Suhel Seth met with Gujarat’s ‘bachelor’ CM Narendra Modi at his residence in Ahmedabad. Seth who had till then written enough articles about Modi’s (mis)handling of the post-Godhra scenario, was nevertheless impressed with Modi’s infectious ‘passion for development’. In a subsequent article in a daily, Seth wrote paeans about this ‘bachelor’ leader’s eight-year superlative reign as the CM of Gujarat. “His flaws apart, Modi today, is truly a transformational leader. We need many more like him!” he wrote. And that statement perhaps, sums up brand Narendra Modi like no other. The ‘secular’ brigade loves to hate him, but for a majority of Gujarati’s (in India and abroad), Modi is “God” and stands for making Gujarat attract more industry today than all other states put together. His latest claim to fame – an MoU with Tata Motors for setting up the mother plant for manufacturing the Nano at Sanand, Gujarat. Frugal, tough, canny and a master administrator – these are the few associations that brand Modi immediately conjures. When he assumed office as CM in 2001, Gujarat was struggling to get on its feet, in the face of several natural calamities. Modi took over, and created a world record, restoring 8,76,618 houses in just 500 days. That’s toughness! Many claim that Modi’s Hindutva politics will bring about the end of the BJP as we know it today. Perhaps, but conversely, his brand of no-nonsense administration may well put India on another growth highway altogether!

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