Saturday, February 20, 2010

India witnesses a shift in the mind-set of girls on marriage...

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Educated, economically sound and enterprising are the usual adjectives used for NRI men. Scores of Indian parents and girls have persistently sought out NRIs for marriage and until quite recently parents proudly boasted about their daughters being married and settled abroad. But now, this seems to be a bygone trend. Blame it on the global meltdown or the comfort and opportunities in India, girls in India are now preferring grooms based in their own country.

I remember my neighbour telling my mother about a suitable match that she’d found for her daughter. He belonged to a wealthy family, had a respectable job and was settled in UK. But her daughter was unimpressed and left her disheartened, though she did have her reasons all sorted out. “Why should I get married to someone where I’d have to give up on my high-paying job and start all over again in a new country where there would be hardly any scope of getting a similar job?” she would retort. “I would, instead, marry someone in India, continue my job and live close to my family.” This was not typically the case a few years ago. Dipankar Chakravarthy from Bharat Matrimony explained the psychology behind the fixation on NRI grooms. “A major chunk of South Indian population and people from Punjab look for grooms settled abroad. South Indians usually study IT and hope to establish a better career abroad, which is why they prefer marrying someone already settled there,” he said. The case of people from the North-western belt was slightly different. “Parents of girls who are barely school pass-outs are the ones who look for NRI grooms. This is mostly the case of people in Jalandhar, Ludhiana etc. For them, if their daughters are leading a comfortable life in a foreign country, it serves as a status symbol in their community.”

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