Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Anisha Sarin (31), Rediffusion DY&R.

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In a country like India, it is very difficult for anyone, especially a woman, to reach the pinnacle of success without a formal education. But if a person wants, s/he can even move mountains. At a tender age of 18, after dropping out of college, Anisha was ready to take on the big bad world and prove her mettle. But instead of a bagful of certificates and diplomas, she only had her creative abilities to show for herself. After struggling it out in a number of small agencies, she got her first big break when she joined Grey. After a three and a half year stint with the agency, she moved on to FCB Ulka, where she worked for over two years. But the highest moment in her career came when she joined Rediffusion three months back. “This year at Rediffusion has been the most defining moment in terms of opportunities, like-minded people and a lot of big pitches,” she says. And today she is the proud recipient of the Silver Pencil at the One Show in New York for her work for Premsons Bazaar. She has also worked on campaigns for Taj Hotels, Crosswords and Economic Times. But she believes that her best is yet to come and is confident that it will be pretty soon. She is now eagerly awaiting her Himalaya Mineral Water ad, which she is currently working on. A true and sincere craftswoman, she is pretty open even while praising the competition. Totally impressed by the Sony Bravia campaign done by rival agency JWT, she candidly admits that she wishes that the ad was, in fact, done by her.

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