Thursday, January 03, 2008

Coke showers drops of joy


Sometimes Coke showers drops of joya soft drink is more than just a fizzy, sugared liquid. Sometimes it symbolises an exhilarating lifestyle or, at times, a more humane & community-engaged face of the organisation. At least, that’s how the fizzy drink maker Coca Cola wants to market itself now. Getting more fizz out of the bottle, the soft drink major has recently unleashed a brand new corporate campaign – ‘Little Drops of Joy’ – for India. Put together by Prasoon Joshi headed McCann–Erickson, the campaign ropes in emotions of denizens of this country to strengthen Coke’s position in India. The new corporate logo & communication primarily highlights the fact that Coca-Cola has been a part of every day life of its consumers and the company is going gung ho with a 360-degree communication initiative for this campaign. Further, to put a stymie against the environmental related issues & unhealthy factors, the fizzy drink maker also cashed in the particular platform to unleash its ‘5-Pillar’ strategy that stands for Portfolio, People, Planet, Partners & Performance. The strategy includes initiatives such as Coca-Cola’s plan to build an equipment testing facility at Hyderabad to ensure their commitment towards quality. The company also plans to make its product portfolio exclusively customised for India. The emphasis would now be on local tastes with a pinch of health to it.

India plays a major role in the scheme of things for both Coca-Cola & its arch rival PepsiCo. And in an effort to show its further commitment for this country and ante up its ammunition to tap the immense opportunities available, the company would also be shelling out $250 million over a period of next three years to create bottling capacities for new product offerings, along with value creation for all its business partners. Hope these little drops of joy turn out to be big for Coke.

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