Monday, February 26, 2007

Has brand value got nothing to do with revenue earning?

They’re dead!” Even internationally, there have been brands born, nurtured and finally axed... for different reasons of course! While some were dropped post acquisition or a merger, some fell victims to the simple exercise of rebranding! What about ‘Marathon’ chocolate bars, whose name was later altered to ‘Snickers’?

There is also the latest on telecom front where Cingular (in which SBC owned a 40% stake and AT&T, the majority rest before SBC’s acquisition of AT&T) is now being done away with. Yes! After SBC acquired AT&T for $16 billion in 2005, it dropped its own corporate identity and adopted the AT&T name. Then there is also the recent move on part of the company to reduce to lower case – all the capital letters used in all marketing materials, from AT&T to at&t! What about the huge investments that help in building brands? Are they simply free funds that can be spent lavishly till the management gets tired of the whole exercise and wants a change in the way a brand looks?

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IIPM Editorial, 2007

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