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IIPM : The most rewarding and most giving act in any economy: Entrepreneurship


It is a faith, a credo and a passion that we live by... it is what our institute Arindam Chaudhuri, Dean IIPMIIPM is all about... it is what I’ve been telling oft en through my editorials (Readers of our sister publication, The Sunday Indian will recall our cover story on the same subject, Delhi On Fire; refer TSI dated 19th November, 2006). We passionately believe that entrepreneurship is the most important voluntary contribution of any citizen towards his country. It is more important and charitable than the biggest act of charity; it is a great act of giving and amazingly greatly rewarding; perhaps much more than an uninvolved act of philanthropy.

Yet, time and again, it is entrepreneurs who are penalised and looked at with suspicion (even till a few years back, parents usually had second thoughts and doubts about marrying their daughter off to a businessman; – although that has almost changed now). They are the ones whose shops are sealed and closed down in Tughlaqi fashion as if they are the slimy profit makers who deserve no mercy; though the stark fact is that the bigger they are, the bigger is their contribution to an economy. The Supreme Court goes on to say that the first to be penalised should be the big fish. I will be the first to admit that many people (entrepreneurs) are involved in wrong things at times while expanding their businesses; but not in a bigger proportion than people involved with the judiciary, police, politics, media or even people at decision making positions in other professions... What is forgotten in this nationally retrograde and regressive thought process of suspecting the business community is the fact that it is entrepreneurs that create wealth and jobs. They are doing what the nation has failed to, i.e by still not making the right to earning a living a fundamental right. They plug this gap as one non-committed government after the other simply abdicates its responsibility to provide unemployment allowance in this country (and thus run away from the basic responsibility of a government of providing jobs apart from health, education and justice). It is this entrepreneurial community which has still kept the name of India flying high around the world by creating growth and employment – not with support from the government but despite the government.

It is high time that the governments in India realise the beauty of entrepreneurship and have supportive policies for them (and not just money laundering SEZs and other such policies for their own individual benefits). By supporting entrepreneurship, specially small and medium scale industries, they will make their own lives easier, for all that they are supposed to do but don’t, the private entrepreneurs can take care of! China does the same and the Chinese miracle is to a large extent thanks to its small and medium industries. In India, however, despite big talks around globalisation, the real support for SMIs is completely missing. Government’s globalisation focus revolves around big industrialists and bigger foreign multinationals like the Wal-Mart etc. The reasons are obvious.

While we celebrate the rise, fall and rise of the big Indian entrepreneurs in this special issue of Business & Economy, my hope is that it would serve as motivation for the government and people alike to believe in the beauty of entrepreneurship. And not only does the Government start looking at businessmen with more respect, but individuals also start realising that there is nothing that can be more rewarding than the act of entrepreneurship.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2006 An Initiative of IIPM, Malay Chaudhuri and Arindam chaudhuri (Renowned Management Guru and Economist).

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