Tuesday, May 23, 2006

IIPM : Strong managers who make tough decisions to cut jobs, provide true job security

Few would question the impact that Welch has had on GE’s growth. He was successful in employing the carrot and stick approach to the hilt. Criticism of Welch, on the other hand, has largely been on his handling of people. For starters, Welch undertook large scale layoff s of hundreds of thousands in GE, earning him the sobriquet of Neutron Jack. Apart from that, Welch also faced the wrath of worker unions for his sheer intolerance with employees if his expectations weren’t met. Nevertheless, leading from the front was Welch’s strongest point; and one can definitely learn from his adeptness at aligning people to his vision (with perseverance and passion) and his excellent decision making abilities. Welch continues to be in the public limelight post his retirement from GE, whether it was for accusations on irrationally high retirement perks or for his extra-marital affair with former HBR editor – and current wife – Suzie Wetlaufer, with whom he co-authored the book Winning. Winning indeed, in the corporate and personal sphere continues to be Welch’s blind penchant!....

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Source :- IIPM Editorial, 2006

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