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Sharing memories of their days in college, the stars let us in on their pranks, parties, pals and what not!


"We were chased by a group of boys in a car!"
Chitrangada Singh Chitrangada Singh
Gang of girls
I went to Lady Irwin College in New Delhi and I stayed in an all-girls hostel. I made some good friends there and I remember once we had taken permission from our warden to be out till late, which was till 10 pm, to go to Connaught Place. When we were returning, our auto broke down at Bengali market, and then we were chased by a group of boys in a car! We had to walk the rest of the way, being chased and harassed by the boys... I remember we were so scared that we literally ran to the gate of the hostel, and once inside, we laughed uncontrollably! "

I ate rajma chawal everyday for like three years!"
Neha Kapoor
The gorgeous life!

I Neha Kapoorremember the canteen most from my days at Pearl, which served rajma chawal and I think I ate rajma chawal everyday for like three years! Being a fashion student, I would sit in the library and go through the most gorgeous magazines and fashion books. It was really cool to be looking everyday at gorgeous stuff! And I remember stitching, a lot! We used to do surveys, for which we would go to these market places and get people to fill-up forms. We used to do quite crazy stuff too at times and fill up the forms ourselves, though we'd get caught as well!

Tusshar Kapoor
Tusshar Kapoor
Party in USA!

I went to the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor College) for my undergrad in 1994. I was there for five years and I would say that I worked very hard, but partied harder! Weekdays were very hectic but after Thursday we only partied. Over there, the curriculum was such that each person took his/her own responsibility. Throughout those five years of college, I was totally dependent on junk food. I ate only burgers and pizzas and my favourite place was a fast food joint called Taco Bell. In college I made a lot of friends and the best part was I learnt a lot about the American Culture.

Sonali KulkarniSonali Kulkarni

The Biker Babe!
I went to Fergusson College in Pune and it had always been my dream to go to this college! College for me was all about theatre, lots of cultural activities and sports. For about three years I craved for a 2-wheeler because I always went to college on a cycle. I was a very fast cyclist. Later on I became the coolest girl because my brother bought a motorcycle and I learnt to drive it. I became the first girl to be driving a motorbike in the college! I became very popular among all my friends who were mostly boys. They would sheepishly come to me and ask for a ride!

Diana HaydenDiana Hayden

The road less travelled

I never went to college. I quit school and started working at 14 after my parents split-up. I believe today's students are much more conscientious, they have realised that they are setting up their future. It's a crucial phase in their life, so decisions they make now have to be made very carefully because they're setting their future up. I might have regretted dropping-out if I hadn't reached where I have. But I would never advise anybody to quit school and work. Forget the gamble, the hardships are too many. "We always hung out at the canteen where all the fun took place"

Pooja Bedi
Pooja BediYummy canteen gossips!
Because I was working in films I never got to go to college, but I used to hang out with my friends at Xavier's and Sydenham. I thoroughly enjoyed campus life. When you're in college you can't wait to get out of college, and when you get older you want your college days back! My message for the college kids is that they need to thoroughly enjoy college life; these truly are the best days of your life! We always hung out at the canteen where all the fun took place, and it was the canteen where we got all the gossip! The most happening canteen was of Xavier's.

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