Friday, January 15, 2010

F@*%, I feel good!

Swearing can’t solve everything going wrong in your life, but it might just make you feel better!

“In certain trying circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity furnishes a relief denied even to prayer,” said Mark Twain, and his thought has now been backed by a research conducted at Britain’s Keele University, where the researchers claim that swearing makes you feel better! It for sure is an effective way to vent out all your aggression and fear, but it might leave some offended and could make you seem uncouth too. Mood swings, jealousy, possessiveness, fear and unfavourable, unpleasant circumstances give rise to frustration and aggression, which increases irritability and leads to a strong build-up of emotions, which need an appropriate outlet. So, next time you are in a desperate situation, just let loose those favourite colourful metaphors! Just as Harman Rikhy, a second year Law student, says, “I swear and use foul language whenever someone rubs me the wrong way. It is better than getting into a scuffle or a fist fight and it definitely helps me in releasing all the built-up energy. I just simply blabber some foul words which rush into my head, and then later, most often than not, I am amused at the weird metaphors I used!”

Adolescents these days get in this undesirable habit at a very impressionable age. At an age when their young and innocent minds need to be nurtured and groomed, such habits ruin the overall persona of a child. Swearing for sure has its so called benefits of venting out anger, but it effectively damages the outlook and dignity of a person. “In severe cases, where children display a lot of aggression, we call it ‘Conduct Disorder’. It happens due to a cluster of symptoms such as inconsistent parenting, various inter-relationships, family and environmental problems, where the child resorts to screaming, using of weapons, breaking rules and displaying aggression towards people and animals. We often recommend ‘Behavioural Management’ to the parents and give them necessary counselling,” says Dr. Sonali Bali, Consultant Psychiatrist, VIMHANS. Dr. Sonali also feels that talking to a confidant is a better way of releasing stress than swearing.

A popular gesture doing the rounds is the one from the famous television show Friends, where the protagonists clank their fists together and convey the F-word without actually using it. Similarly, people have started using the word ‘Fish’ instead of the infamous F-word. Sugar-coating and refining one’s language wouldn’t help much when abusing, but it sure would help sustain a certain amount of dignity while in the company of a lady! Such a stress buster is a boon for those dealing with bursts of adrenalin rush.

Another interesting stress-busting technique owes its origins to the Greek, in which people are invited to smash plates, and so as they rid themselves of pent-up frustration, they also get to show how much they enjoyed the food! In other words, it’s a better way of getting rid of that built-up testosterone! This tradition may be getting phased out gradually, but even now many Greek restaurants are maintaining this tradition of controlled loss!

As it has been quite rightly observed, some folks just cannot keep off from swearing… like Mark Twain once said, “If I cannot swear in heaven I shall not stay there!”

Ravi Inder Singh

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