Monday, August 10, 2009

‘Surprisingly SBI’ pleasantly surprises peers!

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Brand : SBI
Agency: O&M

SBI, shedding its conservative approach came as a pleasant surprise! A pinch of salt, a jot of honey and, of course, a lot of fizz was what the ‘Surprisingly SBI’ campaign designed by O&M added to the otherwise humdrum personality of this good ol’ man of Indian banking. In fact, the public sector banking behemoth, which was losing out to private banks’ hard line ‘aggressive’ marketing strategies, suddenly got charged up with this advertising campaign launched in 2005. The campaign that starred some poor chaps being taken for a ride by their friends by betting on some interesting but unfamiliar facts about SBI, definitely reached out to younger people for SBI. Even the deposits, which seemed to be stagnating, all of a sudden got stimulated and reached a total of $83.91-billion mark by the end of 2005 from just $72.88 billion in 2004. And by the time others started hunting for new tactics, SBI had already taken a lead!

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