Monday, May 26, 2008

Google goes ‘trendy’

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... Now keeping you updated with what’s ‘hot’ around town!

Google – the giant of Google goes ‘trendy’ - ... Now keeping you updated with what’s ‘hot’ around town!all search engines, now flaunts its competence through another innovative feature ‘Hot Trends’. An interesting mix of two of Google’s existing products ‘Google Trends’ and ‘Zeitgeist’, Hot Trends tracks the hottest internet searches and updates users regularly, giving them the 100 most popular queries visited during a designated period. Not only is the site a one-stop platform to find out what’s the trendiest topic that every one’s searching for, but it also allows you to rank the popularity of different search terms with the help of charts. So, a movie buff in New York city, confused whether to rent out ‘Godfather’ or ‘Scarface’ form his nearby video club, can simply log on to Google Trends and track which movie is the more popular of the two and make his decision accordingly. Not only will the American movie-buff be able to compare the popularity of the movie across countries, but can also figure out, which major city within the US favours that particular movie the most. Apart from the US, Google users in 79 other countries can avail of this unique sub-region wise comparison.

A couple of steps ahead of listing the most popular searches only, according to the company, their ‘algorithm analyses millions of web searches that have been performed on Google and displays those searches that are deviating the most from their historic traffic pattern.’ With this, Google appears to have moved forward to stake a claim to the Internet socialising and music arena.

At Google Trends, users can even take their search a step further by sharing opinions with other Google users through the ‘Discuss’ option, while Google Music Trends is another innovation adapted from this trend spotting function. Through Google chat, the internet giant provides an opt-in tracking feature to track down the songs most frequently listened to by other users in a given chat forum.

Although standing tall amidst competitors like Yahoo! and Microsoft, Google still has to carve a niche in the socialising arena, currently ruled by Yahoo! But at least, they are headed in the right direction – following trends!

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