Friday, November 10, 2006

Straw’s ‘veiled’ comments are pure balderdash with political overtones

Recently, the British Foreign Minister Jack Straw made a bold declaration saying, “Veil is a symbol of separation.” What may be his intentions? Does he intend getting closer to the mysterious Muslim girls behind the veil or is it a political onslaught to demonise Muslims? When the foreign minister of a major global power evinces interest in the sartorial preferences of a particular community, one needs to imperatively read ‘between the lines’.

Tony Blair and Jack Straw are facing the public’s ire for conducting an illegal war in Iraq. With the security situation going out of control, Blair could not let the Iraq story hog the headlines. The ageold political ploy: Divert the attention of people. Don’t let people listen to the mayhem in Iraq. Fill the tabloids with hostile stories against Muslims, track Asian teachers and students in universities and make the community feel like a pariah. Prevent the majority community to empathise with Iraqi victims. Truly, Blair is creating dangerous divisions within his society and fuelling the clash of civilizations. Suhail Ahmed, a UK-based journalist, says, “To avoid confrontation, such proposals should come from Muslim leadership.”

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2006

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